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Posted on: January 17, 2013



Shark bite piercings are quite popular these days, and they are relatively newer. They fall into the category of “4 piercings.” Similar to the spider and viper styles of lip piercings, these are done with two piercings really close together on both ends of the bottom lip, resulting in four piercings. The look is like two sets of incisor teeth, externally. Another term used for “shark bites” is “double snake bites.” It’s a look that can be played up or down, and is a great way to enhance your smile or pout.

Many different options are available for wearing in these piercings, and there is a good amount of creativity the wearer can play with:  captive bead rings, labrets, circular barbells, and lip loop rings, spikes, ball ends, crystals, gemstones, and in plenty of different colors; the jewelry options are endless. These are pretty fun piercings!

The pain-factor with these can be pretty intense, as it involves four piercings. When you get shark bites, it is the same healing process that applies to any piercing involving external and oral care. This means you need to use two methods of care to prevent inflammation and infection. You should use a new toothbrush during the healing phase, and keep your mouth as hygienic as possible. Supplementing with vitamins C, B, and Zinc can be pretty beneficial.

Talk to me. Do you have a snake bite piercing? What kind of jewelry do you prefer?

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