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white (369)

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diamond (390)

sapphire (134)

citrine (122)

peridot (122)

ruby (122)

aquamarine (114)

garnet (114)

amethyst (113)

emerald (110)

tourmaline (102)

pearl (90)

topaz (84)

opal (50)

turquoise (42)

quartz (21)

onyx (3)


non-dangle (201)

twist (149)

stud (141)

bone (140)

fishtail (138)

dangle (49)

basic (39)

charm (22)

shield (18)

solitaire (18)

ball (15)

hoop (9)

reverse (7)

screw-on (2)


18g (703)

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20g (483)

12g (31)

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FreshTrends Luxe Body Jewelry

As body jewelry becomes part of our mainstream culture, the demand for elegance in body jewelry is increasing every day. Why compromise your elegant style, when you can have the best? This is why we introduce to you FreshTrends Luxe®, the finest collection of handmade, premium body jewelry on the planet. FreshTrends Luxe specialize in superior quality body jewelry with collections ranging from classic styles to brilliant diamond and colorful gemstones. Each FreshTrends Luxe piece is 100% handcrafted in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, setting it apart from other all other body jewelry. FreshTrends Luxe jewelry only uses the best quality nickel-free, 14 karat gold and the most beautiful hand selected natural diamonds, precious gemstones, and lab created CZ’s. Staying away from mass production techniques which compromise quality, rarity and sophistication, we personally design, create, set, and polish each piece of body jewelry to perfection. This is how we can guarantee eye-catching quality and craftsmanship every time. We take pride in this collection of fine body jewelry and believe in excellence, quality, and our custom’s pleasure. We are confident that you will feel the same about the beauty of FreshTrends Luxe body jewelry.