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18 Gauge Stainless Steel Classic Nose Hoops

Item # NHOOP-18G
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FreshTrends 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Classic Nose Hoops
Gift wrap available.

Barbell Length (inches):

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These surgical steel nose hoops are comfortable, affordable and allow you to have that classic nose hoop look without the complications. Made from 316L surgical steel, these items are available in 4 different sizes for the perfect fit. To insert the hose hoops simply thread the hoop all the way through your piercing until the disc is resting on the inside of your nostril.

Piercing Type:Nose
Material:Surgical Steel
Barbell Material:316L Surgical Steel
Gauge (mm):1mm



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Reviewer: A viewer from 2

These rings are my fav! Using a CBR as a nose ring is a pain to put in so these are an awesome option.

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Fits nicely, but.....

Reviewer: A viewer from 2

it falls out VERY easily! you really have to be sure that the flat part is right against the inside of your nose at all times. Mine has fallen out several times, but thankfully i was aware that it had fallen so that i could catch it or at least look for it.

As far as looks go, its cute. It hugs my nostril perfectly. (i have the smallest diameter) The only cosmetic thing i don't like is you can see the gap in the ring, but i guess only if someone is looking straight up your nose. (lol)

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I am thrilled!

Reviewer: A viewer from 2

Not only was this exactly what I wanted at a great price (clearance 1.99), but my package came two days after I ordered it which was amazingly fast for me. I had never order from here before and I was really nervous, but I will absolutely order from this site again. I will definitely refer this site to my friends!

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Reviewer: A viewer from 2

I ordered this nose hoop not to long ago, and can honestly say it's my favorite nose jewelry I've ever owned! I haven't taken it out since I received it and won't be taking it out anytime soon. LOVE this product and recommend it to anyone with their nose pierced :-)

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: A viewer from NJ

The shipping came quickly and it was a little tough to put in but it was my first time changing the ring. I was excited to put it on but my hoop is a little short so you can see it and it doesn't look full connected to my other side of my nostril. Which is unfortunate and it will move if the flat head is not at completely at your nostril but it is a cute ring.

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18 Gauge Stainless Steel Classic Nose Hoops can be Gift Wrapped. Please make your selection at checkout.

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