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14K Gold Seamless Clicker Rings / Hinged Segment Rings

A wonderful alternative to the classic captive bead ring and segment ring, our gold clicker rings not only look great, but they're the most versatile and easy to use body jewelry essential that anyone with a piercing must have. We hand make our gold clickers right here in the USA from nickel-free, solid 14k gold. Our collection of gold hinged hoops have a hinge mechanism making these seamless hoops easy to open and close for super-easy and frustration-free insertion. We have a great variety of styles and sizes for almost every body piercing, even traditional ear piercings. Our excluvsive FreshTrends Luxe designs are suitable for most hoop compatible piercings including cartilage piercings, such as helix, tragus, daith and conch, as well as septum, nose, and nipple piercings.