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About Us

OUR MISSION: Welcome to FreshTrends Body Jewelry, where we are committed to bringing you the latest designs in trending body jewelry, fine body jewelry, and fashion accessories at the best possible prices. This commitment is focused on delivering value to our customers, while providing superior jewelry quality each time you shop with us. Let us show you the difference in our quality, value, and design.

STYLE & SELECTION: If you are shopping at FreshTrends Body Jewelry, then obviously you love piercings and body jewelry just as much as we do.  Piercings are no longer reserved for the alternative crowd, it is now part of our mainstream culture; a perfect way to accessorize and to make a statement about who you are and demonstrate your taste in style.  Whether you’re looking for belly rings, plugs for your stretched lobes, nipple rings, lip piercing jewelry, nose rings, septum rings, or jewelry for your various cartilage piercings, such as helix, tragus, daith, rook or industrial, we’ve got hundreds of the most stylish designs for all of your piercing needs. We believe in keeping your look Fresh with the latest Trends in Body Jewelry and Fashion Accessories.

VALUE: At FreshTrends, we believe that not all body jewelry is created equal, however we know that as a customer you are always looking for a great deal all while getting the nicest jewelry possible.  We offer jewelry at the lowest possible prices for the superior quality you are getting.  Some of our prices may not be the cheapest you can find elsewhere, but that’s because we actually care about the quality of the jewelry you are putting into your piercings.  We select only the best items, that will leave you feeling stoked about your purchase, and your piercing feeling healthy.

For body jewelry lovers like you, we offer a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, where you earn points each time you shop and get money off your future purchases.  Better yet, if you sign up to the FreshTrends weekly newsletter you will receive special VIP treatment by getting information on new releases, and special discounts and promotions, as well as 10% off your first order.

QUALITY JEWELRY / EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP: FreshTrends Body Jewelry has been a leader in the body jewelry industry since 2003, due to our emphasis placed on quality, design and craftsmanship.  Using only the finest materials, and sourcing the most unique designs for every piece, we are proud to offer many of the most recognized brands in the industry, as well as our very own custom-made FreshTrends Luxe line of high-end body jewelry.  Setting itself apart from any other brand in the body jewelry industry, each FreshTrends Luxe piece is proudly handcrafted in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.  Our FreshTrends Luxe body jewelry collection is sculpted and created in-house, set, and polished to perfection using the finest nickel-free 14K gold and platinum available.  From diamonds, gemstones, opals and pearls, in all gold colors including 14k rose gold body jewelry, our jewelers can create almost anything to meet your specific needs.  More importantly, we take pride in each piece of body jewelry that we create.

We understand that quality of material is a crucial element in shopping and choosing body jewelry, that’s why we pride ourselves for using stainless steel, titanium, nickel-free 14K gold, and .925 sterling silver, ensuring stellar design and quality every time.  Also, FreshTrends is proud to offer a full line of organic body jewelry in a selection of exotic materials.  Some of our most unique body jewelry pieces are crafted from buffalo horn, bone, exotic Indonesian wood, semi-precious and precious stones, as well as shell and glass.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Each of our products arrive in pristinely sealed, tamper-proof packaging, ensuring that your jewelry is brand new and never worn. In the rare event a package is damaged while in transit, we will immediately replace the item at no additional cost to you. Ensuring your happiness with our products remains the core of our mission.

Let us show you the FRESH difference in design, quality, service, and product.  Your perfect piece is waiting.