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clear (68)

blue (55)

pink (50)

yellow (45)

purple (41)

black (38)

green (38)

red (38)

white (33)

brown (12)

orange (1)

rose (1)

Gemstone type

diamond (33)

pearl (24)

opal (15)

turquoise (15)

garnet (2)


Price range: $0 - $300

Captives Hoops & Circular Barbell Nipple Rings

Introducing our selection of captive bead rings, circular barbells, and hoop rings perfect for your nipple piercings. Whether you love a golden touch or gleaming silver-tone, our hoop nipple ring collection features the shiniest finishes. These captive nipple rings are available in 14K gold, surgical and anodized steel, bioplast and titanium. Our hoop nipple rings tick all the right boxes.