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Hoop & Captive Cartilage Earrings: Filter By



Metal color

yellow (99)

white (56)

rose (50)

black (41)

pink (41)

blue (4)

purple (4)

green (2)


clear (78)

yellow (76)

pink (75)

blue (62)

white (45)

black (44)

purple (40)

green (37)

red (35)

brown (12)

rose (5)

steel (4)

orange (1)

Gemstone type

diamond (33)

opal (27)

pearl (24)

turquoise (18)

garnet (2)


Price range: $0 - $300

Hoop & Captive Cartilage Earrings

Whether you're in the market for a captive ring, plain hoop, or a circular barbell, our collection of hoop cartilage earrings has an enticing array of finishes, from surgical steel to 14K gold and even diamonds. With styles ranging from classic designs to statement pieces, our vast collection features pieces for all of your ear piercings including helix, tragus, rook, conch and daith. With a glossy finish, durable materials and modern designs, our collection of hoop, CBR and horse barbell cartilage earrings promises to match anyone’s desired look. Browse through our collection of CBR piercings, circular, and twist earrings below.