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Metal color

yellow (183)

white (104)

rose (90)

black (76)

pink (63)

blue (6)

green (5)

purple (5)


non-dangle (113)

clicker (90)

hoop (70)

basic (61)

charm (12)

dangle (2)

yellow (2)


Price range: $0 - $300

Daith Piercing Jewelry

From the classic circular barbells to cut-out styles like daith heart jewelry and crescent moons, our selection of daith piercing jewelry holds an array of trending pieces. Browse through our extensive assortment of 14k gold, steel or silver daith piercing jewelry and pick the ones that show off your style - whether that is a captive bead ring, a clicker or a curved barbell. Our daith jewelry comes in a vast array of finishes, just so you can match them to perfection with any other bling in your jewelry box or with your favorite outfit in your closet. Check out our line of daith piercings below!