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Metal color

rose (15)

white (15)

yellow (15)

black (12)

blue (1)


14g (57)

16g (57)

18g (49)

12g (4)

Gemstone type

Gemstone color

blue (19)

clear (14)

pink (12)

purple (12)

red (12)

white (12)

yellow (11)

green (10)

black (8)

brown (4)


Price range: $0 - $100

14K Gold Barbells & Tongue Rings


If you are looking for the best quality barbells for your piercing, then you are in the right place.  Our collection of 14k gold straight barbells are versatile and are available in almost every size to suite a variety of different body piercings such as nipple, tongue, industrial piercings, cartilage piercings, and more.  Each of our high-end 14k gold barbells are handmade in the USA from solid nickel-free gold by our very own jewelers.  Our gold barbells come in white, yellow, rose and black gold in a variety of designs including pearls, opals, and conflict-free diamond tongue rings and small barbells. Each piece is internally threaded, hand polished, and carefully inspected ensuring you have the best quality jewelry available today.  We take pride in making fine body jewelry that you will cherish and wear for years to come.