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14K Gold Cartilage Earrings: Filter By


Metal color

yellow (226)

white (220)

rose (183)

black (107)

blue (1)

pink (1)

Gemstone color

clear (286)

blue (147)

red (147)

purple (143)

pink (140)

green (129)

yellow (119)

white (60)

black (49)

brown (28)

Gemstone type

diamond (156)

pearl (60)

garnet (59)

amethyst (56)

citrine (56)

peridot (56)

ruby (56)

sapphire (56)

topaz (50)

aquamarine (48)

tourmaline (48)

emerald (44)

turquoise (31)

opal (29)



Price range: $0 - $1300

14K Gold Cartilage Earrings

If you are looking for the best fine jewelry for any of your cartilage piercings, this is where you will find it. From dainty charms and small gold hoops for cartilage piercings, to genuine diamonds and other gems, our gold cartilage earrings are handmade in the USA from quality nickel-free 14k gold in white, yellow and rose gold. Here you will find the best gold cartilage jewelry for all your helix, industrial, daith, conch and rook piercings. We offer all styles of real gold earrings, from simple studs and gold hoop cartilage earrings, to intricate and ornate 14k gold cartilage earrings encrusted with diamonds and other gems. Make sure to see our piercing size chart and our cartilage piercing guide to help you choose the right fit for you.