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Metal color

yellow (37)

pink (29)

black (12)

white (10)

rose (8)

blue (2)

green (1)

purple (1)

Gemstone color

clear (50)

pink (9)

white (8)

blue (4)

purple (4)

black (2)

green (2)

red (2)


Price range: $0 - $100

L-Shape Nose Jewelry

If you are looking for an extra-comfortable and sturdy nose ring, then our L-shaped nose rings are for you. Our selection offers anyone with a nose piercing an alternative to a bone nose ring style. Available in a variety of metal options and finishes, such as surgical and anodized steel, gold-plated and 14K gold, these L-shaped nose piercings are crafted with the highest quality materials. Decked out with synthetic opals, cubic zirconia or stunning diamonds, our L-shaped nose ring styles are the perfect accessory for your nose piercing.