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14K Rose Gold Body Jewelry: Filter By


Gemstone type

diamond (85)

garnet (24)

sapphire (22)

citrine (20)

peridot (20)

aquamarine (19)

amethyst (18)

pearl (18)

ruby (18)

topaz (18)

emerald (17)

tourmaline (16)

opal (15)

turquoise (14)

quartz (3)

onyx (1)

Gemstone color

clear (164)

blue (70)

red (70)

pink (66)

purple (66)

green (61)

yellow (50)

white (29)

black (17)

brown (14)


18g (202)

14g (184)

16g (167)

20g (50)

12g (7)

22g (1)


Price range: $0 - $1300

14K Rose Gold Body Jewelry

More popular than ever, rose gold is back and here to stay. From clothes to makeup to jewelry, everyone’s obsessed with rose gold. Your piercing jewelry collection isn’t complete without an authentic piece of rose gold body jewelry. The warm and soft tones add a feminine, classy touch to any look. From dainty rose gold cartilage studs and versatile captives and hoops, to flirty rose gold belly button rings and nipple rings, our selection of 14k gold rose gold body jewelry is unmatched. You are sure to find the perfect handmade jewelry for all your cherished piercings.