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Brand Ambassador FAQ

If you’re a FreshTrends Brand Ambassador or interested in becoming one, you probably have a few questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you want to know anything else, check out this page first. Otherwise, feel free to email our resident Marketing Director at

So…why me?

We have an ever-changing process of finding potential brand ambassadors on Instagram. Every single one of you has been hand-picked by FreshTrends, who will DM you back if you reach out to us on Instagram.

The reason we picked you varies. Perhaps it’s because of your amazing sense of style, your piercings, or your beautiful hair. But it’s probably a combination of two or more of those! We don’t discriminate against anyone. We strive to give everyone a chance to see their face on our feed. The main criteria is that you should (usually) have a piercing and perhaps a tattoo or two. Our main focus is showcasing alternative and creative fashion and style! So if you think that you match our brand message, enjoy posting selfies, and have a healthy supply of alt lifestyle photos, then you will fit right in!

Do you guys send free products?

The short answer is yes! But, it’s a bit more technical than that. When you first become a brand ambassador for us, you receive a complimentary gift card code that you can use on This will be used to either pick whatever you’d like or for a specific item that we want to promote and want you to model.  We have such an extensive array of products, and with the piercing community being so niche (in terms of gauge size, length, and other applicable piercing specs), it’s easier for you to browse our website at ease. 

We do send out complimentary products to some of our current brand ambassadors. We might have a new labret we need high quality pictures for, and if one of our brand ambassadors loves showing off their Medusa piercing, we would reach out to them and ask whether they’d be down to model some jewelry of ours. In situations like these, Medusa or no Medusa, we do send out free products for our brand ambassadors to wear and keep in exchange for high quality approved images.


How do I track my package?

When you place an order, you’re required to enter your email address. Once the order is shipped out, you’ll get a shipping notification in your email with the order’s tracking number. It also usually comes with a link that will take you right to the site so you can see where your package is!

However, we strongly recommend you personally emailing us at as soon as you complete your order. Send your full tracking number and shipping details so we can keep an eye on your products and ensure that it gets to you as soon as possible! We get several orders, emails, and support requests a day. But as a FreshTrends Brand Ambassador, you can bypass that by ensuring that we can see your order and minimize the red tape.

Do you send the products out right away?

Unless it’s a holiday or a weekend, your order will probably be sent out immediately. If the jewelry you want happens to be in a different warehouse, we’ll have to contact them to send the order out from their location.

If you order something from our gold collection, take into account that it will be a bit longer until it’s shipped out. Our gold is handcrafted and usually made to order to our customer’s specifications. So if it’s taking a while, don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about you. Feel free to drop us an email if you’re worried your items could be missing. Our awesome Customer Service team is ready to help you if you contact them at