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Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

Cartilage Piercing Earrings

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Ear Piercings Jewelry

Your ear party starts here! Earrings are clearly the most popular body jewelry, so we've made sure that our collection includes a wide variety of options for the wide variety of styles that our customers love. From traditional lobe piercings to alternative cartilage styles, we've got the studs that you'll never want to take out.

Our climber earrings offer the look of cartilage piercings without the pain of getting pierced. We also have a number of dangle earrings featuring our fine opals, cruelty-free diamonds, and stunning designs that you've come to love. Additionally, we have a wide assortment of cartilage earrings to adorn your piercings, whether you have the popular helix piercing or the more unique daith and rook piercings.

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Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage earrings aren't just super-cute, but they are a tribute to your creativity. Weather you rock a helix or tragus, rook or daith, or all of those piercings, you can mix and match a ton of different styles to show off your creative (and stylish) flare. Our gold

The Finest Cartilage Earrings & Ear Piercing Jewelry From cute hoops in the captive, circular barbell, spiral barbell, seamless, segment, and clicker styles to studs with bead or flat backings, to trendy cuffs and shields, we have it all. Expertly crafted by our in-house jewelers, each helix earring is made from 14k gold and features beautifully-cut gemstones. All of our jewelry is internally threaded for your safety and comfort.

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Conch Jewelry

We love the conch piercing for its versatility and ability to show off the unique personality of its wearer. We've created a collection that embraces the plethora of aesthetics the conch piercing can take.

Unique Collection Of Conch Piercing Jewelry With such a variety of styles, we know that you'll need a conch earring that best fits you, which is why we also offer custom sizes; you'll never wear loose or uncomfortable jewelry again. Each conch earring is made to order by our team of amazing jewelers, meaning that each piece is made specifically for you. When you order from FreshTrends, you'll feel as though you're getting the celebrity treatment without the celebrity costs.

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Daith Piercing Jewelry

The daith piercing offers a stunning aesthetic on its own and as the centrepiece to a cluster of cartilage piercings. We've put together a collection of daith jewelry that's as impressive as your daith piercing.

Our handmade daith earrings feature clickers, hoops, barbells and charms. Everyone's ear has a different shape and deserves the best jewelry possible. With our collection of daith earrings, you can know that you'll enjoy the look and style of unique jewelry without any discomfort. Since all of our jewelry is handmade to order, you can choose the size that best fits your ear.

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Forward Helix Earrings

You've opted for the forward helix piercing because you like to go above and beyond the norm. The forward helix is a beautiful piercing on the front cartilage fold of your ear, offering a new and beautiful alternative to the popular helix piercing.

Often, the forward helix is seen as a triple set of piercings with a gradually increasing charm or stone size. We also recommend the flat back labret backings for a sleek and comfortable fit for your cartilage earring party. We only use solid, nickel-free 14k gold that's hand polished to a beautiful shine. Each gemstone is handpicked and set for the ultimate shine and a secure hold. We make each piece by hand in-house, so you can be sure that your forward helix earrings are made to the highest standard.

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Industrial Barbells

With internal threading, you can be sure that the jewelry will never snag or tear at your piercing. Internal threading is also a sign of the highest quality body jewelry, inside and out. Besides the threading, the materials we use to make our industrial barbells exude quality and glamour. Even jewelry aficionados will be able to appreciate the hand-polished sheen, the 14k gold precious metals, and the brilliantly cut gemstones.

We offer our Industrial Piercing Jewelry in basic styles or you can choose from adorned options of sparkling cubic zirconia, elegant pearls, vibrantly colored opals, and even genuine diamonds. All of our barbells are made in-house by our very own jewelers, and the gemstones are handset by a master gem-setter, so you can be assured you're buying the best quality gold industrial barbell available.

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Rook Earrings

The rook piercing takes advantage of the folds of your ears, decorating your cartilage with a pretty shimmer of jewelry. When you choose such a unique piercing, you want to choose the jewelry that matches

Our rook earrings features a range of styles, all up for the challenge of becoming your favorite pieces. Whether you're in the market for a hoop, clicker, a curved barbell, captive ring or a circular barbell, our rook piercing jewelry collection is packed with a variety of styles. Additional features like our solid, 14k gold, internal threading, and hand-polished sheen mean that our jewelry will be admired by the casual observer and jewelry experts alike.

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Tragus Jewelry - Tragus Earrings, Studs & Hoops

The tragus piercing prefers dainty jewelry that shines boldly enough to garner attention. Dainty styles require the utmost attention to detail in order to capture tiny intricacies and achieve the ultimate shine, even with the smallest gemstones. When you opt for FreshTrends' tragus earring styles, you can sleep easy knowing that we'll always achieve this standard.

Our tragus earring collection is handcrafted by our own team of jewelers. Our jewelry is made to order, so your tragus jewelry is made specifically for you. Each gem is hand-chosen, the 14k gold is hand polished, and the finished product is thoroughly examined. The end product is a dainty tragus delight with an expertly-crafted feel.

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14K GOLD Ear Piercing Jewelry

There’s no wonder why our gold baby jewelry fly off the shelf! We offer a fun and unique line of 14k gold earrings for infants, toddlers, and babies at amazing prices. We use only ethically sourced precious metals from conflict free mines.

Nose Ring Hoops

Nose Ring Hoops are among the most popular body piercing styles, and it's no wonder why; the curved sparkle in your nose makes for a cute look that's a little more noticeable than a nose stud. Whether you're looking for a slender shimmer of gold or a bolder, gemmed beauty.

Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

Piercing jewelry are an ideal choice for those looking for fresh, on trend designs and affordability. Sterling silver is naturally hypoallergenic and nickel free so it’s considered one of the safest metals for infant, baby, and toddler earrings.

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