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We are a husband and wife team from Florida with a global upbringing, from London and The Hague, to Buenos Aires, Northern Africa and Australia. Having studied art and design in London and experiencing many different cultures, we know what’s trending in the fashion world and, therefore, bring you the latest designs in piercing jewelry.


FreshTrends was born in 2003 in Palm Beach, Florida at a time when online shopping was just starting to gain popularity and when finding piercing jewelry online was not easy. We seized this opportune moment to offer fashion body jewelry to the masses, and carved out our spot in this niche. We were one of the first online retailers of body jewelry in America…and here we are, two decades later, evolving everyday and committed to bringing you the latest trends!

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After years of working from our home, fulfilling orders from the kitchen table, we moved our operation to our first warehouse. We were always seeking out the latest innovations in the piercing world to bring our valued customers, high-quality selections at affordable prices. Now we had more room to do so. This is when we introduced the concept of luxury piercing jewelry to the online world of body piercings. At a time when fashionable body jewelry was big, bulky, and made of steel with rhinestones, this new space gave us the opportunity to acquire all of the right equipment and machines, and our own team of jewelers that had been handcrafting fine jewelry from solid gold for generations. With the extra warehouse space, we began our mission to bring high-quality American-made gold body jewelry to the United States. At that point in history, luxurious gold body jewelry (flat backs, captives, barbells, and navel rings) were basically non-existent.


After several years of producing our own fine body jewelry collection, we discovered that our true passion is designing and creating high-quality, real gold jewelry— jewelry made from the best quality metals and gemstones. We realized that in order to provide our customers with the latest trending styles and new unique designs we needed to make a change. So, in 2018 we decided to stop selling fashion body jewelry and we shed our large warehouse full of steel jewelry so that we could focus on our passion; to bring you nickel-free, always solid 14k gold body jewelry, designed and handcrafted by us for you. This is how we are able to offer the range of styles and customization to our customers; this is why at FreshTrends you can always find your perfect piece.

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Headquartered in North Palm Beach, Florida, with artisans out of Los Angeles, we are proud to offer American craftsmanship, local jobs, and to provide our customers with service and jewelry that will keep you coming back for more. This transformation has given us a new appreciation of the art of design and quality, and the value of offering beautiful solid gold jewelry that is not only super-stylish, but also the best quality to keep your piercings happy and healthy.

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Behind the Scenes

When you purchase a piece of body jewelry from FreshTrends, you are rewarding yourself with quality, expert craftsmanship and luxurious design.


5 Reasons Why

Customers from all over the world return to FreshTrends again and again not only for our one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces but also for our commitment to sustainable practices and locally sourced labor.

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Our Forest

Through our partnership with Ecologi, one tree is planted in an area at risk of deforestation for every order placed on our site.

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