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Hoops - Captives - Clickers

We love hoops because they rock in any body piercing. You can opt for sleek and simple styles, like a slim hoop adding a subtle sparkle to your nose piercing, or you can go bold with intricate hoop designs and captive bead charms. The only limit is your access to style, and here at FreshTrends, we've put together a collection of hoop styles that you won't be able to find anywhere else.
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All Gold, Diamond and Platinum Hoop Piercing Jewelry

From clickers and segment rings to seamless and captive bead rings, we have it all. We've gone above and beyond with our hoop designs, pushing the boundaries of style and living up to our FreshTrends name. Each and every hoop is made from either 14k gold or platinum by our very own jewelers. 
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Hoop Nose Rings