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      Your ear party starts here! Earrings are clearly the most popular type of piercing jewelry, so we've made sure that our collection includes a wide variety of options for the wide variety of styles that our customers love. In this collection, you will find all the jewelry you need to curate your perfect ear stack, with styles for traditional lobe piercings, cartilage earrings, rook, daith or conch we've got the studs that you'll never want to take out.

      Jewelry for All Your Ear Piercings by FreshTrends

       We also have a number of dangle earrings featuring our fine opals, cruelty-free diamonds, and stunning designs that you've come to love. Additionally, we have a wide assortment of cartilage earrings to adorn your piercings, whether you have the popular helix piercing or the more unique daith and rook piercings. 

      We understand that everyone prefers something different. That's why we offer a number of hoop styles, including seamless hoops, captive beads, clickers, and more. We also have every barbell option you can conceive, from circular barbells to straight barbells. Each ear is different, so our collection includes a plethora of sizes as well as the ability to custom order the size that best fits your ear.

      Each earring is made by hand by our in-house jewelers from nickel-free 14k gold or 950 platinum. All of our gemstones and precious stones are hand-picked by experts for flawless looks. From the moment you receive your jewelry, there will be no doubt as to its quality and longevity. Why take the trip to the jewelry store? Shop FreshTrends from the comfort of your home for your expertly-made jewelry.