Platinum Nose Rings

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      Platinum offers a stunning alternative to our 14k gold nose rings. Denser than gold, platinum displays quality, durability, and longevity, maintaining its pristine condition over time. It's also mined less, making it rarer. We've taken the gorgeous natural look of platinum and transformed it into a collection of luxurious, premium nose rings.

      Platinum Nose Rings & Studs by FreshTrends

      The 950 platinum means that it's 95% pure platinum, whereas most jewelry sold in the U.S. is around 80% platinum, meaning that you are receiving the highest quality platinum available, plus our metals come from recycled sources, ensuring sustainability without compromising quality.

      Our platinum nose rings are made by hand in the USA and polished to a mirror shine so that you can enjoy the beautiful silver tone for years to come. Go beyond 14k gold and explore our beautiful 950 platinum nose ring collection.