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Elegant Nipple Ring

This is very nice. The only thing we have found that could be corrected is that the design change to prevent snagging on the end of the diamonds. It snags and pulls the snap back closure off. Possibly a diamond mount that is an arc instead of a point. It would also be nice to have a larger gauge and larger diameter added to the selections.

Killer Rose Gold Tunnels!

Hello y’all, sporting my badass Freshtrends rose gold tunnels after having them for three years. Received them in early 2020, and fell in love with them. The smaller are 2ga and the larger are 14mm, and look as good as the day I first put them in. I’m lucky, because y’all would die if you knew what I paid for them then:) Thank you to Paul and everyone at Freshtrends, cheers!

Lip stud

I love it. It fits perfect. I will order again.

Lost garnet

I purchased my garnet post nose ring and unfortunately lost it while I was in the hospital. I never had an issue with losing or having my nose rings falling out of my nose. However, I lost a series of three including the one I ordered from this site.
As a January baby, I MUST Reorder. The gemstone was delightfully made and was a welcome change from the diamond nose ring that I have been wearing for 8 years.
Looking forward to receiving it in the mail.

Very pretty

I loved this nose ring when I got it. I purchased the screw type in 3mm. I loved the size and loved how it sparkled but it came out and I lost it. I purchased the 18g but I feel like I was sent the 20g because it was so skinny for being an 18g. I’m very disappointed that happened and wasted $75.

Puffy Heart Nose Ring
Cyndie Fahrner
Gold puffy heart

Beautiful!! But too small for my tastes. Heart needs to be larger.

Very pleased!

A beautiful and perfect accent. I enjoy wearing them.

Excellent service

Just what i was looking for. Small , sparkly, fast shipping…. definitely will buy more things again. Great quality. Shipping was so fast. That’s another reason i was happy with this purchase. . Shipping was 2 days. And on point. ..

Dope af

ev’rything from Fresh always on fleek

Personal and subtle

I could not find a pink survivor flatback earring anywhere, so I asked Freshtrends if they had something, they took up the challenge and created this gorgeous earring. The size is perfect, it's deeply personal, it's my statement piece. The detail is exactly what I had hoped for.


I only buy diamond nose rings so I have a few colors decided to try the yellow diamond in yellow gold it’s so bright and happy was one of my Christmas gifts and I love it got the 3mm yellow


I have finally found the nose stud I’ve been looking for. Thanks Freshtrends, you’re the best

Love It!

The clicker is the best quality in platinum available!
Fit & finish is exceptional to say the least!
Made for a lovely Christmas present!🙂

Love everything but the post

I have a Diamond tester. The Diamond is genuine and it is truly lovely!! You can buy with confidence. I downgraded one star only because I wish the internal post was a little longer. I comes unscrewed easily and I have already nearly lost the Diamond.

2.5mm Petite Diamond Bezel white gold L shaped Nose Ring

I originally purchased a 18g twist nose ring but had trouble inserting it, so I emailed customer service and with no issues at all, I was able to return it and get an 18g L shaped nose ring. Once I received my new nose ring I was able to insert it with no problem. I love that the bezel diamond sits flat on your nose and I don't seem to hit it as much when I'm washing my face.
I absolutely love it!!

Love my eyebrow ring

I love all your body jewelry. It's the very best quality.


This is the perfect size earring for the hole that I have it in. It's comfortable and cute.

2.5 mm Diamond nose ring

It’s beautiful and high quality! I had trouble with the twist post but finally got it in and secure

Custom Work - very happy!

Hard to find places that do custom work these days especially with nose rings.
Ordered 2mm Diamond nose ring in twist style with a 5mm wearable post length instead of the standard 6mm. It is perfect and so worth it to me a little bit longer wait. I hate nose rings that are not flush when inserted. Between the low martini setting and the shorter length it is perfect.
Thank you for offering the custom option and for responding promptly to requests and questions. Hard to find these days and greatly appreciated.
This is not the first time I ordered from here but unfortunately I dropped and lost the 2 I had purchased. Will be more careful going forward

1.5mm tiny Diamond nose ring

I love it , it’s perfect exactly what I expected it to be , perfect size for every day professional wear . It’s has great sparkle and noticeable.


Beautiful but lost the ball in less than 24 hours

Good piece except for one major flaw

I want to love this, I really, really do. The quality of the piece itself is great. So what is amiss? The ruby. It's pink. I hate pink rubies. They are low quality. I wish I would have known that before I purchased. The pictures, of course, show a nice, rich red Ruby, but in reality it's an inferior pink color. I know because I have two beautiful RED Burmese rubies in my engagement ring. If you don't mind pink rubies, it's great. I love the customization!

The search continues for the perfect ruby nose ring...

Thanks for your comment. These ruby nose rings feature a natural gemstone (not color enhanced) so there may be variations in the color of each piece. While most of our customers love the pinkish/magenta tones in the rubies, we may be able to source more 'red' rubies. Please email us at for more information.

Cute, subtle, sparkly

I love this piece for my nostril, it’s very comfortable and cute. It’s shiny but for a little extra shine I’d go up to the 2.5 or 3mm or go for the diamond. Love this bezel style, it’s polished looking and doesn’t get caught on clothing. I love that all the jewelry from Fresh Trends is available in rose gold!

Everything I wanted in a septum piercing.

I love the opal and how is shine purple yet vibrant green. As is pair’s well with the rose gold. We’ll be back to get more septum rings. Thank you!

This pearl did not stay in my earring. I have bought many of these in the past and have only had this problem one other time. This is very disappointing because it's pretty expensive.

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