Forward Helix Earrings

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      You've opted for the forward helix piercing because you like to go above and beyond the norm. The forward helix is a beautiful piercing on the front cartilage fold of your ear, offering a new and beautiful alternative to the popular helix piercing.

      The Finest Forward Helix Earrings

      Often, the forward helix is seen as a triple set of piercings with a gradually increasing charm or stone size. We also recommend the flat back labret backings for a sleek and comfortable fit for your cartilage earring party.

       We only use solid, nickel-free 14k gold that's hand polished to a beautiful shine. Each gemstone is handpicked and set for the ultimate shine and a secure hold. We make each piece by hand in-house, so you can be sure that your forward helix earrings are made to the highest standard.