14k Gold Straight Barbells

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      We design and handcrafted all of our straight barbells from solid 14k gold, always 100% nickel-free. Our designs range from your basic gold essentials with pearls and gems to stunning sapphire and diamond designs. At FreshTrends we have been handcrafting internally threaded gold barbells for over 20 years. Our expertise makes our famous barbells the best in the piercing world. 

      About Our Luxurious Straight Barbells

      All styles come in any size needed to compliment your specific piercing. The straight barbell is one of those body jewelry pieces that offers versatility and sleek styles in one simple piercing jewelry design. A classic style suitable for nipple piercings to cartilage earrings and industrial piercings, the straight barbell is a basic essential that shines in a wide variety of piercings. If you don't see the stone you desire for your piercing, let us know! Chances are, we can make a barbell just for you.