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Body Piercing & Jewelry Guide

Everything you need to know about sexy body jewelry and piercings is right here in one place so that you can feel confident about your purchase at FreshTrends. In our Body Jewelry Buying Guide, you will find information about body jewelry materials, how to measure various types of body jewelry, and information about how to choose a piercer, take care of your piercings, and what types of jewelry work best with specific body piercings. 

Body Jewelry Materials

Learn about the best body jewelry materials to use for piercings. Why quality and size matters, and how to make your high-end body jewelry last a lifetime.

Measuring Body Jewelry

Figuring out what size jewelry to buy for your specific piercing can be overwhelming. Our complete guide is here to help you learn about standard body piercings sizes, how to measure all the different types of body jewelry, as well as metric conversions from millimeters to inches.

Body Piercing Information

Provides you information on what to look for when getting a new piercing, such as choosing the right piercer, what to look for in a piercing studio, and what questions to ask.

Body Piercing Aftercare

A complete guide to helping you with a daily cleansing routing for your new body piercing, what to expect, and helpful tips and hints.

Piercing & Jewelry Glossary

Learning the lingo of the piercing world is no easy feat...words like Labret and Eyelets can make you raise an eyebrow. Don't worry, we came up with an A-Z guide on the vocabulary used in the piercing industry to take the frustration out of shopping for body jewelry.

By Piercing

Belly / Navel Piercing

Get the scoop on all you need to know when getting a new navel piercing, how to care for it, and more to pick out a new belly button ring after your piercing is healed.

Cartilage Piercings

There are tons of different types of cartilage piercings, from Helix, Forward Helix, Industrial Piercing, to Tragus, Rook and Daith. Here you will learn about the healing time for each piercing, how to care for a new one, and what type of jewelry to use, such as studs, captives, clickers and more.

Lip Piercings

A guide to the correct jewelry used for your initial lip piercing, information about getting your lip pierced, and the all the different types of jewelry available.

Tongue Piercing

Here you get information about getting your tongue pierced, the types of barbells available and how to care for you new tongue ring.

Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings refer to nostril and septum piercings. There are many types of nose rings to choose from. From screw, bone, pin-post and clickers rings, this guide will help you determine the right one for you, as well as hints and tips for caring for your new piercing and jewelry.

Eyebrow Piercing

Learn about the different types of barbells and styles available as eyebrow jewelry, also how to pick the right size and gauge, and how to clean and care for your eyebrow piercing.

Nipple Piercing

Such a delicate area needs special TLC, here are some helpful tips on how to care for your new nipple piercing, what the common sizes are, and more importantly how to shop for you new nipple jewelry!

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