Eyebrow Piercing

So you're thinking about getting an eyebrow ring. Here is all the information you need to know so you are well-informed and feel confident when you get your new piercing or want to change out your jewelry.

The best jewelry to use for an initial eyebrow piercing is a 16 gauge curved barbell made of high-grade titanium, 14k gold or 18k gold. Never use jewelry smaller than recommended by your piercer, as there is more risk of rejection, tearing, and migration.

The length used will vary depending on how thick your eyebrow is; the standard is 5/16-inch, but 3/8- and 7/16-inch are commonly used as well. It should be at least 1/8-inch wider than your actual piercing.

Placement: Your piercer will mark the location of the piercing so you can see if you are happy with the placement. It will be done at an angle from the corner of the eye so that it sits better on the face. Once you’ve agreed, it’s time to pierce.

Remember: Since an eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing, it has a higher chance of migrating out of the body or being rejected.

Your Piercing is Healed. Now you can Shop for a new Eyebrow Ring

Yes! It's finally healed! May the fun begin! It's always exciting getting rid of the initial jewelry and shopping for a new styles. 

When shopping for a new eyebrow ring, you want to look for 14G or 16G eyebrow piercing jewelry with a length of 1/4" (short), 5/16" (standard) or 3/8" (long). Check our our body jewelry measuring guide to help you out. 

You want to get an eyebrow ring that won't compromise the health of your fresh piercing. It's best to go for 14k gold, 18k gold,platinum or titanium body jewelry.  The reason for this is that these materials are more pure and tend to have fewer additives that your body can react to. Our gold is nickel-free for that very purpose.
Cost considerations: if you love the look of quality body jewelry and want a healthy eyebrow piercing, then you may want to opt for a gold eyebrow ring

Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Styles

Curved Barbell

Curved Barbell

The ideal type of jewelry for eyebrow piercings, curved barbells feature the largest variety of materials and designs. There is something for every eyebrow piercing.

Straight barbell 

Straight Barbell

These should only be used if you have been pierced with a straight barbell, or if you have a very flat brow. If neither applies to you, you could get away with wearing them for short periods of time in a HEALED piercing for special occasions. Otherwise, you are encouraged to stick to other types of barbells.

Captive Bead Rings

Hoops / Captive Bead Ring (CBR) / Seamless Rings / Clickers

Great for most eyebrow piercings, the captive bead rings come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles so everybody will find something they like.

Captives are the classic design of a hoop with a ball, or bead, that you pop in and out.

Seamless Rings are an endless hoop; a great option if you want a discreet hoop without a ball. Looks more sleek and delicate.

Clicker Rings are a bit pricier, but worth the investment.  The hinged mechanism makes it so easy to open and close the ring. 

Circular barbell 

Circular / Horseshoe Barbell

Though not used as often as curved and captive bead rings, circular barbells have a place in your eyebrow jewelry collection. Check out our huge variety of styles ranging from plain balls to diamonds or gemstones.

Spiral / Twister Barbell

Twister Spiral Belly Rings

The name says it all. They are a twisted spiral that you thread through your eyebrow piercing and finished with a ball on each end.  Our gold twisters are all internally threaded and come in a variety of sizes and styles like opal, pearl, and more.