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Nose Piercing Types & Nose Ring Jewelry Guide

Nostril & Septum Piercings

Wearing a nose rings is a great way to add a little something to your style; it’s fashionable yet discreet – the perfect type of understated piercing in a business environment. Whether you choose to pierce your nostril, the fleshy portion of your nose or the septum, the small area of soft flesh in the front of the cartilage in the center of your nose, it’s a super cute and trendy look.

Here's a handy guide to for some commonly asked questions about nose piercings:


Model with nose stud, nostril piercing


The most common jewelry used during initial nose piercings is a screw twist made of high metals like 14k gold, 18k gold or titanium.  Hoops like captive bead rings or gold seamless rings are often used, as well. Those that feature a small ball on the end are preferable; however, a small prong or bezel set gemstone is super-stylish and sexy.  

The standard size for a nose piercing is 20G; however, your piercer will pierce with a large needle (up to 16G) to allow for better healing. Never use a nose ring smaller than recommended by your piercer, as there is more risk of rejection, tearing, and migration.

The length of the nose screw jewelry will be 1/4-inch wearable length. This accommodates swelling and gives the piercing room to be cleaned easily.
If you’re getting pierced with a CBR, hoop, or circular barbell, it should measure 5/16-inch or 3/8-inch.

: Your piercer will mark the location of the piercing so you can see if you are happy with the placement. Once you’ve agreed, it’s time to pierce.


Your Piercing is Healed. Now What?

You followed all the advice and you’re completely healed. Now for the fun part - shopping for jewelry to adorn your awesome piercing!

Remember when we talked about body jewelry sizes? It’s still important. You want to look for 20G and 18G nose ring jewelry with a wearable length of 1/4-inch.

measuring a nose ring nose-ring-sizes
Cost considerations: When shopping for a nose ring, it's worth investing high quality 14k gold or platinum nose rings.  There are so many styles to choose from and are really quite affordable. A favorite is always a genuine diamond nose ring or a genuine birthstone studs. Don’t think that diamond and gold nose rings are out of your price range, though. They start around $25.00 and go up from there.

Never use a standard earring for a nostril piercing, as they are typically 22G, and can cause a piercing to migrate and heal improperly. Also, the length is too long, which can damage the cartilage and scratch delicate nose tissue.
Nostril Piercing Jewelry Styles:
Nose Ring Backing Types
Screw Twist Nose Rings Twist Screws: This type of nose ring stays securely in the nose, while providing a flush fit against the nostril. It’s the most common type of nose ring for those reasons. There are a wide variety of styles available, which means that there’s something for everyone.
Bone Nose Rings Nose Bones: Nose bones are a post with adornment on one side and a small ball that is a slightly larger diameter than the post on the other side. When worn, it doesn’t fall out because of the small ball. Like a twist screw, they have a flush fit. These are best for healed piercings. While not for everybody, there is a loyal fan base of nose bone-lovers that swear by the look and the comfort.
Pin Post Nose Rings Pin Post: This is simply a straight barbell.  Easy to insert into the nose piercing and can be bent into shape.
L-Shape Nose Rings L-Shape: L-shaped nose rings have a straight post with adornment on the end that is bent at a 90-degree angle. This is also a favorite nose ring backing for those that find the screw twist difficult to use, as the L-Shape is easier to insert into the piercing than the screw and more secure than the pin-post.
Hoop Nose Rings Hoop Nose RingsNose ring hoops are round jewelry that is placed in the nostril piercing. They give you a different look than stud nose rings and tend to be more noticeable. They can either wrap all the way around the nostril or only halfway as seen in the image on the left.
Gold hoops such as seamless rings or captives are a very popular choice of jewelry for nose piercings.
Seamless Ring Hoop Nose Ring Seamless Ring Hoop Nose Rings: Unlike the hoop in the image above, seamless rings wrap all the way around the nostril.  There are many gauges (thickness) to choose from. A thicker gauge will look bolder, where are a thin gauge (20g, for example) will look like a thing gold nose ring hoop. Never pull the ends apart in a seamless ring, instead twist up and down in opposite directions to open, then twist back into place.
Faux Hoop Nose Ring with L-Shape backing Faux Hoop Nose Rings: This style of nose ring gives you the look of a hoop with the easy insertion and comfort of an L-shape backing...hence the name "Faux" Hoop Nose Ring.
Choosing a Gemstone Nose Ring:
Choosing the right size diamond or gemstone really depends on how much bling you want to show off.  The most popular size is a 2.5mm gemstone which gives off a beautiful sparkle without attracting too much attention.  If you're hoping to flaunt your nose piercing with a dazzling diamond, then a 3mm gemstone is the way to go.  If you're opting for a more discreet look, then the 2mm or 1.5mm diamond nose ring is a good choice.  Keep in mind that the 1.5mm diamond is really tiny.
Diamond Nose Ring Sizes 4 sizes of Diamond Nose Studs


Prong-setting vs. Bezel-setting:

The next big choice when picking out your perfect nose ring, is to go for a Prong-setting vs Bezel-setting.
Prong or Bezel Setting Nose Rings
Prong-settings has a more classic look and sit really flush against the nostril and allow more light to pass through the stone. They also show off less metal, so the diamond or gemstone is the main focus of the piece.  Bezel setting give you a more modern look.  It's holds the diamond snugly and shows off the polished sleekness of the 14k gold. Both are really beautiful! When in doubt, go for both and change them out depending on your mood or the occasion. 

Septum Piercing

Model with septum pierced
You will likely be pierced with a circular barbell, pincher, retainer, or CBR. It’s important that the jewelry is made of high quality metal, such as solid 14k gold, 18k gold or high grade titanium. Circular barbells, pinchers, and retainers allow you to flip the jewelry into your nostril, which will allow you to keep your piercing hidden. Captive barbells don’t give you that luxury.

Septums are typically pierced at 14 gauge (14G) or 16G – anything smaller than a 16G is way too small. You can eventually stretch your septum larger if  it’s healed, but it’s a permanent modification as it won’t shrink back to its original size like an ear piercing.

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Your Septum Piercing is Healed. Now What?

Woo-hoo! Your septum has fully healed... Now for the fun part - shopping for new septum rings!

Jewelry options for septum piercings are seemingly endless. You can use a variety of sizes (no smaller than 16G, though) and many different types of materials after the initial healing period. Common materials used for these piercings are surgical steel, titanium, 14K gold, acrylic, glass, natural stone, and even wood. However, if you're looking for quality or have metal allergies, 14k gold septum jewelry is your best option.
Septum Piercing Jewelry Styles:

14k Gold Captive Bead Ring Captive Bead Rings (CBRs): CBR’s are great for septum piercings, as they come in a huge variety of gauges and lengths, as well as shapes and adornment. They are also very secure. CBRs are a little difficult to close; however, the effort is worth it. They offer a bold, traditional look. 
14k Gold Circular and Curved Barbells Circular Barbells / Curved: Circular barbells and curved barbells offer the same variety of gauges and lengths as the CBR; however, they aren’t complete circles. They are also known as horseshoes as that is what they resemble. Curved barbells are similar to circular barbells but shorter. These are a great option for septum piercings because you can flip them up into your nose and discreetly hide them. These types of barbells also offer a bold, traditional look. 
14k Gold Septum Clicker Ring Clicker Rings: If you're looking for unique designs as well as comfort, then the clicker rings are a great choice for your septum piercing.  The hinged mechanism makes it super easy to insert and remove your septum ring.  While the rest of the piece can feature a variety of different unique designs from elaborate Bali style etchings to prong set diamond or rubies, the possibilities are endless.
14k Gold Seamless Hoop Rings Seamless Hoop Rings:  Gold seamless rings  are a favorite for a feminine, dainty look. If that's the look you're going for , you can get a small diameter in 16G, which will fit snugly around your septum piercing for an edgy yet cute and polished look.
Septum Cresent Crescents / Pinchers: Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these look great in a septum piercing. They are definitely more noticeable than a CBR or circular barbell, though.
Septum Retainer Piercing Retainers: Piercing retainers are a necessity for anyone who needs hide a nose ring. Discreet, clear dental-grade acrylic keeps your piercing open, yet you can hardly tell you have one. Perfect for those occasions when body piercing jewelry is not always welcome