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Septum Piercing & Septum Jewelry Guide

Woman with septum piercing

The septum piercing graces the faces of more and more men and women each day. Although it's still considered a more alternative piercing style, it's quickly gaining momentum as a must-have piercing choice.  

The septum will likely be pierced with a circular barbell or CBR. It’s important that the jewelry is made of high quality metal, such as solid 14k gold, 18k gold, or high grade titanium to avoid skin irritation. If you need to keep your piercing hidden, you should opt for a circular barbell jewelry as your starter. These will allow you to carefully flip the jewelry inside your nose so that you can wear your jewelry unnoticed while your septum heals. Be careful when you choose this trick; moving the jewelry too often could lead to healing complications. 

Septums are typically pierced with a 14G or 16G needle. Anything smaller than 16G is way too small. You can eventually stretch your septum to a larger gauge once  it’s healed, but it’s a permanent modification, and it won’t shrink back to its original size like stretched lobes would.

Fast Facts

  • The layer of cartilage between the nostrils.


  • 5/10


  • 6-8 weeks


  • $40 - $90 for the piercing only, plus jewelry


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Your septum piercing is healed. Now what?

gold septum jewelry

Once your piercer has confirmed that your septum has fully healed, it's time to fill your jewelry box with new septum rings. 

The septum is usually adorned with some sort of hoop style, from curved barbells jewelry to seamless rings. You can use a variety of sizes (no smaller than 16G, though) and many different types of materials after the initial healing period. 

FreshTrends Tip

If you need to keep your piercing hidden, you should opt for a circular barbell jewelry – you can flip it upwards and nobody will ever know you have your septum pierced.

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Common materials used for these piercings are surgical steel, titanium, 14k gold, acrylic, glass, natural stone, and even wood. However, for jewelry that will last and won't irritate your skin, 14k gold septum jewelry is your best option.

Septum piercing jewelry styles

  • Captive Bead Rings

    CBRs are great for septum piercings because they are so easy to use. You can choose a standard bead or opt for pearls, opals, or other fun bead styles. If you're looking for a bold, traditional look, CBRs are the way to go.

  • Curved Barbells

    Curved barbells are similar to circular barbells, but their curvature is less intense. These aren't as common as circular barbells, but they are a favorite for those who prefer subtlety.

  • Septum Clickers

    If you're looking for unique designs as well as comfort, then clicker rings are a great choice. The hinged mechanism makes it one of the easiest jewelry styles to wear. While the rest of the piece can feature a variety of different unique designs.

  • Seamless Rings

    Gold seamless rings are a favorite for a daintier look. If you prefer a subtle style, choose a seamless hoop that will sit flush against your septum for a look that's both cute and edgy.

  • Septum Circulars

    Circular barbells offer a similar look as CBRs, but they don't form a full ring. Also referred to as horseshoe barbells, the two balls on the end make it a bold septum jewelry choice.

  • Septum Crescent Pinchers

    This style is for those with larger septum piercings, or looking to stretch their septum. The crescent shape is secured on each side with an o-ring.

  • Septum Retainers

    Septum retainers are a great option when you need to be discreet. This type of jewelry keeps the piercing open while minimizing attention.

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