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Cartilage Earrings & Piercing Jewelry

One of the most popular body piercing, the helix cartilage piercing is located in the top/side fold of your ear, offering a canvas that can rock a number of piercing styles. Our gold cartilage earring collection offers the ultimate variety so that you can find the style you're looking for.

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The Finest Cartilage Earrings & Ear Piercing Jewelry

From cute hoops in the captive, circular barbell, spiral barbell, seamless, segment, and clicker styles to studs with bead or flat backings to trendy cuffs and shields, we have it all. Expertly crafted by our in-house jewelers, each helix earring is made from 14k gold and features beautifully-cut gemstones. All of our jewelry is internally threaded for your safety and comfort.

Everyone is different, which is why we offer a plethora of sizing options as well as the ability to custom order your own sizing. You won't find a better selection of helix earrings than right here.

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