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Flat Back Earrings & Lip Rings

Flat back earrings are versatile piece that can be worn in most cartilage and lip piercings. The flat disc backing is a great lip ring alternative to hoops since you can wear a variety of charms, gemstones and diamond stud options. Flat back earrings are also a good alternative to the traditional ball backing cartilage earring since it has a more discrete backing that doesn't stick out, plus it's more comfy.

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Custom Gold Lip & Cartilage Flat Back Earrings

Like all of our threaded jewelry, our flat back earrings for lobes are internally threaded meaning that the charm has the threads and the barbell that goes through your piercing is smooth. We hand-make all of our jewelry so if you are looking for a specific size just let us know and we will make your perfect piece.