Flat Back Earrings & Lip Rings

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      Explore our collection of comfortable, high-quality labrets crafted with sustainable 14K gold and ethically sourced diamonds.

      Flat back earrings, aka Labrets, are versatile pieces that can be worn in most cartilage, lobe, and lip piercings. The flat disc backing serves as a great alternative to hoops for lip rings, allowing you to wear a variety of charms, gemstones, and diamond stud options. Additionally, flat back earrings offer a more discreet backing compared to traditional earring backs, making them more comfortable to wear in ear piercings without protruding.

      Custom Gold Lip & Cartilage Flat Back Earrings

      Our labrets are meticulously crafted by our skilled in-house jewelers, using sustainable 14k gold and exquisite, ethically sourced gemstones. Designed with internal threading or threadless options for enhanced safety and comfort, each piece shows our commitment to quality. We offer a wide range of size options for a personalized fit. With our stunning and vast selection, you can trust us to deliver top-tier ear and lip jewelry tailored to your exact specifications.