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      Gold can bring your gauged lobe from a fun, trendy look to an exquisite, beautiful style that shines and shouts high quality jewelry. We are curating a brand new collection of high-end, custom 14k gold ear plugs and tunnels.  We hope you will be patient while we perfect our new designs and creations that will feature solid gold tunnels, gemstones and diamonds.

      To all of our plugs and tunnels fans, we know you will miss our collections of steel and stone plugs, but we promise you will love our new selection and it'll be worth the wait.

      Ear Plugs, Ear Gauges & Ear Tunnels

      Our 14k gold plugs will offer a high-quality alternative to standard plug looks. You'll be able to enjoy the unmatched shine of gold with the edgy look of a gauged piercing. 

      We know that everyone's gauges are different, which is why we plan on offering a plethora of sizing options so that you can choose the plug that fits most comfortably in your ear. Each plug will be uniquely crafted by hand by our own jewelers and features only the finest materials.