Jewelry Replacement Parts and Add-ons

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      You have your favorite jewelry that you wear every day. But one day, you look in the mirror to realize that the bead to your captive bead ring has disappeared!

      It happens. Rather than buying an entirely new piece of jewelry, you can turn to FreshTrends.

      Body Jewelry Replacement Parts

      We have a large number of replacement parts in a variety of styles and sizes. You'll receive an internally-threaded replacement to the FreshTrends' jewelry standard. Our replacement parts fit most standard body jewelry styles.

      Sometimes, you just want to make your old jewelry fresh. We also have Baltic amber beads, faux turquoise beads, and a bunch of other styles, so you'll be able to turn your favorite piece of jewelry into five new styles at an inexpensive cost.

      Our jewelry is internally-threaded, and even our replacement parts are handcrafted, so you'll receive the part that deserves your favorite body jewelry.