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      A sexy piercing deserves sexy, luxurious jewelry. Our nipple jewelry comes in a variety of styles, from hoops and barbells to diamonds and gem-encrusted looks, so you can find the perfect nipple ring, whether for a special occasion or just because you know you deserve the best. From cute and subtle to bold and extravagant, we have the nipple jewelry for you.

      Nipple Piercing Jewelry, Nipple Barbells & Shield

      All of our nipple jewelry is made from solid, 14k gold. Even the white gold is nickel-free, ensuring that those with sensitive skin will never have a reaction. Each piece of jewelry is handmade by our in-house jewelers, ensuring unmatched attention to detail. Every item is also internally threaded to keep your piercing safe, which is especially important for tender nipple piercings.

      Nipple Barbells

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