Clicker Rings

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      The clicker jewelry offers an easy-to-use design with a minimal seam.  Feature a hinged mechanism, allowing for easy opening and closure with a simple click, differing from traditional captive bead rings or segment rings which require twisting or bending to open and close. This style of piercing jewelry is a favorite amongst our customers for it ease or use. 

      Clicker Hoops for Ear, Septum & Nose Piercings

      As always, every clicker ring is made from solid, 14k gold, and every gemstone is hand selected and expertly-cut to achieve the ultimate sparkle. High quality piercing jewelry is always important; the hinged mechanism needs to be able to withstand wear so that you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time. Since all of clicker hoops are handcrafted in-house, we can guarantee that each mechanism is expertly made so that your new clicker will last a lifetime.

      With so many styles, from sleek, simple hoops to extravagant, diamond-encrusted items of luxury, you'll be sure to find the style you're looking for. We offer a plethora of sizes as well as the ability to custom order, so you can find the perfect hoop for your body piercing.