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Our Story

We are a husband and wife team that started selling fashion body jewelry online in 2003, back when online shopping was first gaining momentum and when piercing jewelry was not readily available online. What’s made us one of the leading retailers of body jewelry for over 15 years is that we are always seeking out the latest innovations in the piercing world to bring our valued customers high-quality selections at affordable prices.

Taking that angle, at a time when most piercing jewelry was made from steel, we weren’t fully satisfied offering only fashion body jewelry, so we sought out 14k gold designs for those wanting to invest more in the quality of the jewelry being put into their piercings.

Limited to very basic gold belly button rings, nose rings, captives, and barbells, we felt the need to provide our customers with pieces that were not only superior in quality but also innovative in style. Knowing that not every person is the same, nor is every piercing, we also felt the need to offer items in a variety of sizes so that each piece is a perfect fit. That’s when we decided to bring in the experts in handcrafting 14k gold body jewelry. Piercing jewelry is much more elaborate and intricately designed than traditional jewelry, so finding the right team of experienced jewelers was key. 

After thousands of happy customers and several years of producing our own fine body jewelry collection, we discovered that our passion is creating fine jewelry— jewelry made from the best quality metals and gemstones. We realized that in order to provide our customers with the latest trending styles and new unique designs we needed to make a change. So, in 2019, we decided to stop selling fashion body jewelry so that we could focus on bringing you jewelry that we are proud of offering and that you’ll love wearing.

We are Americans with a global upbringing who’ve lived around the world, from London and The Hague, to Buenos Aires and Northern Africa. Having studied art in London and experienced many different cultures, we know what’s trending in the fashion world and, therefore, bring you the latest designs in cartilage earrings, belly button rings, nose rings, nipple rings, and septum jewelry.

With this transformation, we are now proud to offer American craftsmanship, local jobs, and to provide our customers with service and jewelry that will keep you coming back for more. It’s also given us a new appreciation of the art of design and quality and the value of offering beautiful jewelry we love.

We don't just stop there. Part of pushing trends is paving the way for others to create their own styles. That's why we offer the option to custom design your own jewelry items from scratch. With this offering, you can produce the body jewelry that you've always dreamed of, create something unique for a loved one, or simply try something new. Contact us to get started.

When you're shopping for a unique new body jewelry item that you can't find anywhere else, you've found it here at FreshTrends.

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