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Custom-made Fine Piercing Jewelry


When you purchase a piece of body jewelry from FreshTrends, you are rewarding yourself with quality, expert craftsmanship and luxurious design.


Each piece in our collection starts with our creative in-house designers who understand refined aesthetics, the delicate sparkle of a diamond and most importantly, what you desire for your piercings. 

Our designers and expert in-house jewelers collaborate to make sure no detail goes unnoticed in making the perfect piece—with a lengthly process in creating each design to seek out the perfect gemstone size, setting, color, length, shape and curves for the optimal comfort of your piercing.

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Because we handmake each piece to order, we can offer you the perfect fit and style for your anatomy. By not bulk stocking items, we are able to offer you a massive selection of sizes and even the capability to special order options not listed in each product, as well as the ability to custom create almost any design you envision.


We call it Fine Piercing Jewelry because we are dedicated to only using precious metals, such as 14k gold and platinum, that are hypoallergenic (nickel-free), AAA-grade gemstones, and the most dazzling diamonds.  


With our motto of smaller is better (we love small, sparkly things), we are proud of our small team of talented in-house jewelers. We don't believe that factory produced jewelry can accomplish the same quality and refinement as our meticulous artisans who love their craft. 


Because our jewelry is not mass-produced by machines, but rather handmade by a collaborative team of humans, each piece undergoes rigorous quality assurance before it is shipped to you. We want to ensure that each stone is perfectly set, barbells thread smoothly and your jewelry is polished to a mirror shine.

When you wear a FreshTrends piece of piercing jewelry, you will feel the difference fine, craftsmanship makes.


melting 14k gold
14k Gold Custom Fine Piercing Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Fine Piercing Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Fine Piercing Jewelry
Custom-made Gold Body Jewelry
Custom Made 14k Gold Body Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Body Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Body Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Body Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Body Jewelry
14k Gold Custom Body Jewelry
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