5 Reasons Why Our Fans Fall For Our Jewelry

We love this world and so do you ~ that's why we take our role on the planet seriously, and work hard to ensure that our practices are environmentally responsible without compromising quality. One reviewer called us the “best of the best” for this very reason.   

As a responsible shopper, you consider a brand’s impact just as important as the product it offers. You want to support brands that are socially and environmentally responsible and that, ultimately, make a positive impact on the world. Although investing in high-end body jewelry is important, ensuring that the jewelry comes from an ethical source is paramount. Here at FreshTrends, we hold the same values.

Customers from all over the world return to FreshTrends again and again not only for our one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces but also for our commitment to sustainable practices and locally sourced labor.

We Use Recycled Precious Metals

Shop with us and enjoy your gorgeous gold and platinum jewelry without ethical qualms. It’s no secret that mining has a major impact on the environment. Although extraction of raw materials from mines is sometimes necessary, it should be avoided when it can. Reusing materials ranks as the second-best way to manage waste prevention. That’s why we use recycled gold in our jewelry.

The quality of recycled gold is the same as gold that comes directly from the ground, but since it doesn’t come straight from a mine, you know it doesn’t come from unethical sources.

We Use Ethically Sourced Gemstones

It’s safe to say that our diamonds and gems do not contribute to violence, slavery, and other movements associated with conflict gemstones. We work with suppliers that ensure that their stones are compliant with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme removes conflict diamonds from the mainstream market. It includes 59 participating countries that must adhere to strict guidelines and transparency in order to receive certification.

We ensure that our suppliers are also certified by the Responsible Jewellry Council. The RJC rigorously audits its members and consistently reevaluates them ensuring that all materials come from sources that practice safe raw material extraction as well as ethical treatment of workers. We value transparency. The gemstone mining and trading industries are complicated. While entities like the RJC and The Kimberley Process reduce the number of conflict diamonds on the market, full traceability is impossible.

Giving Back

Ecologi Partnership

On top of using recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones, we’ve taken further steps to limit our environmental footprint. Through our partnership with Ecologi, one tree is planted in an area at risk of deforestation for every order placed on our site. By shopping at FreshTrends you can make a difference without any added cost or effort. Simply click “purchase” and you can enjoy your dream body jewelry piece and the feeling of knowing that you’ve done one good deed for our planet.

Designed & Handcrafted in the USA

We feel it's important to consider our social responsibility. Designed in Florida and handcrafted in California, our production ecosystem happens in our East and West coast studios, right here in the U.S. So, when you shop at FreshTrends, you know exactly where your jewelry comes from, allowing you to enjoy your jewelry without the guilt of mistreated workers, poor wages, and other atrocities that sometimes take place overseas. Plus, because our pieces are handmade-to-order, each item is created with you in mind offering many sizes to fit your body shape and boasting individualized attention to detail. You’ll never have to worry the issues associated with mass production. It is superior quality jewelry and customized service at a price you’ll love.


We are constantly designing new pieces to add to our body jewelry collection. From standard designs to more elaborate looks, we offer a wide variety of styles for you to choose from. We even offer accessories so that you can update your existing piercing jewelry.