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Captives, Hoops, Seamless & Segment Rings

Captive Bead Rings (also known as CBR's, BCR’s or hoop rings) are the most basic body jewelry essential that everyone with a body piercing needs. Depending on your budget and style, we have a design that’s perfect for you. Ranging from surgical-grade stainless steel and implant-grade titanium, to luxurious hand-crafted solid 14k gold with diamonds, here you will find compatible captive bead rings for your cherished piercing. Whether you’re looking for quality hoop rings, segment rings or seamless rings for your cartilage, nipple, nose, septum or daith piercings, we have all the sizes you need. Dedicated to keeping it fresh and trendy, our seamless and segment rings are not simply limited to the traditional hoop. With a variety of fancy, unique designs, including hinged segments and captives for easy insertion, we are sure you will be captivated by our collection.