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Fine 14K Gold Body Jewelry

We offer fine gold jewelry for all of your piercing needs. From gold belly rings, 14k gold nose rings, and even gold nipple rings, to all of your ear piercings including all cartilage piercings, such as Helix, Tragus, Industrial, Rook, and Daith / Septum.  Your piercings deserve the best, that's why we also have all the basic body jewelry styles from 14k gold barbells to 14k gold captives, and 14k gold circulars.

Our very own beautifully hand-sculpted FreshTrends Luxe brand features the finest internally threaded 14k gold and platinum body jewelry paired with diamonds and gorgeous gemstones. Each FreshTrends Luxe piece is perfectly created, set, and polished to perfection. Proudly handmade in the USA, our FreshTrends Luxe selection of high-end body piercing jewelry highlights perfection, top of the line materials, and unique, dazzling and luxurious selection of expertly crafted designs. 

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