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Plugs & Tunnels

Plugs & Tunnels for Stretched Earlobes

We carry an extensive line of very unique ear plugs, talons, earlets, earrings, flesh tunnels and ear piercing expanders & stretchers. Our ear plugs come in a variety of sizes to suit your piercing. We are most proud of our collection of 100% organic body jewelry plugs made with natural stones, horn and wood.

We are always adding hot new styles and searching for the latest trends. Our customers are loving our dangle plugs and our artisan plug collection. All of our body piercing jewelry is made from the highest quality materials for your protection. You won't find a more diverse and trendy line of ear plugs and ear piercing jewelry, ranging from simple to unique and elaborate.

Check out our Body Piercing Size Chart for help in selecting the perfect size jewelry for your piercing.

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