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There are plenty of ways to show your personality through the right piercing. With a tongue piercing, you get all the fun of showing off your piercing when you want to and keeping it more subdued when you need to for the best of both worlds. When looking for the latest styles in tongue jewelry, we have it all in one convenient place.

We offer a diverse selection of tongue accessories for your style needs and high standards. Best of all, we use only the highest standards in metals and crafting to ensure a piece that is as safe as it is stylish. Whether you prefer simple styles with understated appeal, or you are all about glam galore tongue piercing jewelry in deluxe finishes like 14K gold, our diverse assortment of straight barbells and tongue rings has everything you need. The range of styles offered in our collection is unsurpassed. From superheroes and skulls for the man of style to roses and colorful gems for a woman who knows what she wants, this collection truly has a tongue ring for every taste. Our assortment of styles covers a range of personalities and preferences, from edgy and modern to feminine and classic, to ensure you get the right choice for you. Whether looking for a delicate pink heart with a bit of sparkle, a clear option perfect for taking a less noticeable approach, or a spiked option for a bit of punk style, we have you covered with our collection of diverse styles of high standards.

Best of all, straight barbells aren’t just for tongue piercings anymore. This great selection of quality straight barbells is also perfect for nipple piercings, cartilage piercings and more. Regardless of which style is right for you or the area you are looking to accessorize, our collection has all the styles you want at affordable prices. Add some style to your look today! If you need help while browsing, check out our guide: