Captive Bead Rings

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      Upgrade you piercing jewelry collection with solid gold captives.

      Anyone who's pierced should have at least one captive bead ring (CBR) in their jewelry box. The classic look manifests as a simple hoop with a bead that keeps your piercing jewelry securely in place, making for an easy fit in a gorgeous, yet practical, design.

      Unique Captive Bead Rings

      Such a staple requires quality materials that will last. With FreshTrends, you know that every piece is made from solid 14k gold or platinum, is always 100% nickel-free, and features handpicked and expertly cut gemstones, so there's never any question of what type of materials you can expect.

      Captives are one of the most versatile body jewelry pieces; you can wear your CBR in your cartilage piercing, navel, eyebrow, nose, lip, and more. Since it can be worn all over, we offer a variety of sizing options, as well as the option to custom order your own size, so you can always enjoy the perfect fit.

      Our captive bead ring line includes classic looks alongside unique designs, like luxurious paved beads or fun and flirty bead charms. No matter your style, you'll be able to find the right captive bead ring for you.