Daith Piercing Jewelry

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      The daith piercing offers a stunning aesthetic on its own and as the centerpiece to a cluster of cartilage piercings. We've put together a collection of daith jewelry that's as impressive as your daith piercing.

      About our Fine Daith Piercing Jewelry

      Our handmade gold daith earrings feature clickers, hoops, barbells and charms. Everyone's ear has a different shape and deserves the best jewelry possible. With our collection of daith earrings, you can know that you'll enjoy the look and style of unique jewelry without any discomfort. Since all of our piercing jewelry is handmade to order, you can choose the size that best fits your ear.

      Each piece of jewelry features only the best materials, from the solid 14k gold (never gold plating and always 100% nickel-free) to the hand-chosen diamonds and gemstones expertly cut to achieve the ultimate shine. You will feel spoiled when you open your new daith jewelry.