Industrial Barbells

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      With internal threading, you can be sure that the jewelry will never snag or tear at your piercing. Internal threading is also a sign of the highest quality body jewelry, inside and out. Besides the threading, the materials we use to make our industrial barbells exude quality and glamour. Even jewelry aficionados will be able to appreciate the hand-polished sheen, the 14k gold precious metals, and the brilliantly cut gemstones. 

      Industrial Piercing Jewelry & Industrial Barbells

      We offer our Industrial Piercing Jewelry in basic styles or you can choose from adorned options of sparkling cubic zirconia, elegant pearls, vibrantly colored opals, and even genuine diamonds. All of our barbells are made in-house by our very own jewelers, and the gemstones are handset by a master gem-setter, so you can be assured you're buying the best quality gold industrial barbell available.