Nipple Barbells

With a sexy piercing like the nipple piercing, you want to make sure that your jewelry is sexy, too. Our nipple barbells come in a variety of styles, from small and discrete straight barbells to irresistible curved barbells that peak teasingly through your shirt, in styles that you and your partner won't be able to resist.

Whether you're looking for a simple gold barbell for daily wear or a more luxurious, diamond-encrusted look, we have it. Each barbell features internally-threaded ball beads in 14k gold, opals, pearls, faux turquoise, and other options. Even though the barbell look may seem standard, you'll find that, at FreshTrends, your nipple barbell can be as unique and beautiful as you.

Each nipple barbell is made by hand by our very own team of fabulous jewelers, so you can rest easy knowing that your order receives individualized attention from the moment you place it until it arrives on your doorstep. We also have many sizing options to choose from as well as the option to custom order, ensuring that you can find the barbell that fits your body.

You deserve a nipple barbell that's as perfect as you are. You've found it here at FreshTrends.

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