Nipple Barbells

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      When it comes to your body, doesn't it deserve the best? We think so. That's why we've cultivated a collection of stunning nipple barbells that combine classic styles with luxurious materials. 

      About Our Luxurious Nipple Barbells

      Made from 100% nickel-free, solid 14k gold and other quality materials, including genuine diamonds, our nipple barbells are sure to make you feel sexy and classy. The perfectly polished gold will feel so comfortable in your nipple piercing, and the opulent styles project a feeling of royalty. Handmade in the USA by our very own jewelers, these barbells are painstakingly created with you in mind. Choose from a number of sizes for the perfect fit or custom order your preferred style. Whether you want to show off your sensual look or you'd simply like to feel good about your jewelry, then these are the barbells for you.