Nipple Rings & Hoops

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      Do you desire a lavish look for your nipple piercing? Here, you'll find nipple rings and hoops that reach the height of elegance. Your body deserves the very best, and we've created the perfect collection of nipple rings made from materials fit for royalty.

      The Finest Nipple Rings & Hoops

      Crafted from 14k gold and 950 platinum, and featuring only the finest ethically sourced materials, our nipple rings and hoops stand apart from the rest. Each piece is nickel-free, prioritizing the health of your piercing. Handmade in the USA by our skilled team of jewelers, our hoops offer a level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled. When searching for a hoop for your nipple piercing, you deserve the best. Your nipple piercing is an expression of your sexuality, and you deserve body jewelry that reflects its significance. With our nipple rings and hoops, you'll find yourself reaching for them no matter the occasion.