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Reverse Belly Button Rings

In reverse belly button rings, also known as top-down belly rings, the charm hangs from the top of your navel piercing instead of the bottom, allowing the dangle to take the stage. With this flashy and beautiful look, your belly piercing refuses to be ignored, and it allows for unique and gorgeous designs to match your favorite outfits.

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Our reverse dangle belly button rings come in bold designs that the top-down belly ring style begs for. From elaborately beautiful cascading diamonds to super cute flowers and hearts, we have the reverse navel ring for you.

All of our jewelry is made by hand in-house, and all of our gemstones are hand-chosen and cut to achieve the ultimate sparkle. This is especially important for your reverse dangle belly ring, which is made to draw attention to your navel piercing. Every belly button ring is internally threaded so that you can enjoy the top-down belly button ring look without the fear of tearing your piercing.