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Toe Rings

We don't just stop at body jewelry. Here at FreshTrends, we love all alternative jewelry designs. When you're rocking the sandals this spring and summer, then you should give your toes a little love with our adorable toe rings.

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14k Gold and Diamond Toe Rings

We have all sorts of classic and unique toe ring designs, so you can find the style that best fits you. Whether you want an intricate look featuring genuine diamonds or a sleek ring to give your toes just the right amount of sparkle, we have you covered. Our jewelry is made by hand in-house, and each gemstone is expertly set, so you can be sure that your gemstones will never go missing, even though this piece of jewelry is worn on your foot.

Each toe ring is made from 14k, nickel-free gold, which means that it will never leave an unsightly blue ring on your toe, and you can enjoy our toe rings even if you have sensitive skin. Using the best materials means that FreshTrends' toe rings will be admired by everyone, from your friends to jewelry experts.