More Body Piercing Care Tips

So far, we've covered pretty much every detail for properly caring for your new body piercing. From seeking our the right professional piercer to choosing the right body jewelry for your piercings, our Body Piercing Guide has a ton of important information for anyone with a new piercing or looking to get one.  

Proper body piercing care is crucial during and after the healing period. It is important to properly clean and care for your body jewelry as well as the piercing itself, take steps to ensure a new piercing is protected from irritation, infection, and potential injury, and to make informed choices about the type of body jewelry you wear.

Here we've compiled a short summary of some of the most relevant tips for caring for your new body mod.

General Body Piercing & Jewelry Care

  • Do not remove your body jewelry during the healing process.
  • If you are having an issue with the jewelry—for example, if you find the material irritating or the jewelry size too big—have it changed by a piercing professional (at least until it is properly healed). 
  • If you change your mind during healing and don’t want the piercing anymore, do not try to remove it yourself. Have it removed by a piercing professional.
  • If your body jewelry has threaded ends (such as balls that screw on), check regularly to ensure they’re properly tightened. Remember to always wash your hands well before touching your body piercing. If you lose your ball, you can always purchase a replacement ball.
  • Keep an extra (clean) ball with you in case you lose one.
  • For new piercings, have a daily cleansing routine using the right gentle cleansers.
  • Always know the size of you piercing. It's important to know which gauge (the thickness of the barbell) your piercing is and what length is best for your particular piercing. It'll make purchasing new body jewelry less stressful if you know your piercing size chart.
  • After healing, you should be able to change the body jewelry on your own quite easily, but remember to always keep jewelry in as even a well-healed piercing can start to close.