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Ear Piercings

Girls just want to have fun, and a great way to do so is by rocking multiple ear piercings. But don't worry, if you prefer the single ear piercing, we have many cute earrings and beautiful diamond studs for those who crave a more classic look. Everything you need for your various ear piercings is right here. Cartilage earring styles range from diamond studs and dainty charms to thick solid gold cuffs. We have similar styles with a flat disc backing, which are great for tragus, forward helix, and faux rook piercings. Gold hoops, captive bead rings, and clickers (with a hinged mechanism) are also favorite styles for all of those piercings as well as daith and rook piercings. 

We hope you enjoy our collection of cartilage earrings as much as we do! Remember, we make all of our jewelry in house from 14k gold, so if there's anything you don't see, let us know, and we might be able to make it for you.
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