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The New FreshTrends Fine Body Jewelry

FreshTrends has BIG NEWS!

The Future is Golden

The New Year is a time to reflect on yourself, ditch the baggage, and cultivate the best parts of you. On the cusp of a new decade, 2019 presents the perfect time to cut any ties that have been holding you back, stop making excuses, and become the greatest version of you.

Since 2003, we have striven to stay ahead of the curve in the body jewelry industry. At the inception of FreshTrends, we were one of the only online body jewelry retailers. As the years have gone on, we’ve remained a leading body jewelry retailer because of our internationally-inspired styles that lead the trends.

We’ve always held a passion for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. When we introduced our Luxe line of gold and platinum piercing jewelry, we realized that the quality of the materials is the key to gorgeous design. We continued our fashion pieces alongside our fine body jewelry collection, and for a while, they lived together in harmony.

Now, we realize that we’re better than that, and that’s why we have some really big and exciting news to share with you.

Bye-bye Fashion Jewelry

We’re trimming the fat and focusing on what we do best: crafting high quality pieces of body jewelry from only the best materials. Starting the end of January, we will only offer 14k gold and platinum jewelry. This means that every time you visit FreshTrends, you can know that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. You deserve it.

This also means that we are closing out all of our Fashion Body Jewelry, Traditional Jewelry & Accessories. So if that’s your cup of tea, then you should stock up now before those cute styles, steel basics, and glass plugs are all gone for good! Plus, they are ridiculously marked-down for us to clear out our shelves. NOW is the time to shop at for steel belly button rings, cartilage earrings, nose rings, lip rings, tongue rings, nipple rings, plugs, and more.

We want to make a difference

In the modern era, body jewelry evolved from an alternative fashion to a mainstream style. With this evolution came a customer change. Belly rings, cartilage piercings, and lip rings no longer grace only the bodies of rebels without a cause. The people of the body jewelry world are also parents, professionals, and leaders. It’s time their body jewelry reflected their individual sense of style mixed with class…”Pierced & Chic is what we like to call it!

Just like we wanted to fill the online body jewelry retailer gap in 2003, we now strive to fill the gap for mature, high-quality body jewelry options. You desire elegance, and we provide it. We love that the body jewelry industry has become mature, and we will continue to drive that.

<h2">Life’s too short to spend on things that don’t excite us <p">We love making cutting-edge, high quality jewelry. We don’t like making jewelry from subpar materials like steel or acrylic. Although lesser materials are inexpensive, they lack the durability of higher quality materials, and even an untrained eye can tell the difference in the shine. We believe that our piercing jewelry designs, and our customers, deserve only the best materials.

We’re exhilarated to have found our revolutionary path in the body jewelry industry.

We value the best

The benefits of high-quality body jewelry go beyond aesthetics. All our body piercing jewelry will be nickel-free and made from solid gold and platinum; so those with sensitive skin can safely shop our site knowing that our jewelry will never cause a reaction. All our jewelry is handcrafted in the U.S.A., ensuring that each belly ring, cartilage earring or nose ring reaches perfection, and we’re supporting local companies and individuals.

Our jewelry treats your skin well, lasts a lifetime, and features the hottest designs. We never settle for “good.” We opt for the best.

Did someone say Gold Plugs?

Yup, you heard us, come the Spring we will introduce our new line of 14k gold plugs and tunnels. So you, our valued FreshTrends fans with stretched ear lobes, will have more refined and unique options for your stretched ears.

Hello to the Future of Body Jewelry

We’ve learned that people can tell the difference between “good” and “best” pretty quickly in the jewelry world. If you opt for good enough, that’s what you’ll get. Take a page from our book, and go for the best.

The new year means forging a new future. As FreshTrends enters a new beginning and an exciting debut into the world of fine body jewelry, stick with us and become your best self in 2019.

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